Thursday, December 30, 2010

Finally My Holiday Projects

So I have some projects I have yet to share with you and I am so excited!

First, the wreath I made for our front door, I made one for fall and now our door looks empty without one, what will we hang there now?
I didn't have enough green fabric so I did ivory and red with ivory lace. This could be super cute for Valentines Day, just add a little pink and you would be all set!

I used this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess.

My second little project, I made reusable coffee sleeves for the girls at work. Used a Starbucks coffee sleeve to trace, some cute fabric, fusible felt (for insulation) and hemming tape. 

Cut out all your pieces two pieces of cute fabric (front and back), and one piece of fusible felt (doesn't have to be fusible, can be just regular felt). Pin all your pieces together and pin hemming tape to cover the raw edges. Repeat for top and bottom. Sew it together so it is a circle (I'm sorry I don't know how to describe that part). And then you are done!

And then wrap in pretty wrapping! Perfect little thank you or 
thinking of you gift.

And finally, I made a succulent wreath for my mom using the tutorial on Prudent Baby.

This is hers. I just love it!

This is the one I made, I gave my mom a candle also just in case she didn't like it. 

Hopefully all the little pieces will grow in and blossom!

Hope you are having a wonderful Thursday, what are your plans for New Years Eve?
Happy New Year!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rainy Day

Happy Wednesday! It is a rainy day here in San Diego, I love them so much! Here are a few pictures I have been meaning to post for forever, pretty much every year for Christmas I am lucky enough to go to the Newport Bay and Beach Clubs Boat Parade. My best friend Ingrid's Dad is the head chef there so we get to go and eat yummy foods and watch boats that they have decorated in Christmas lights, it is one of my very favorite things about Christmas time!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

10 things I love...

Happy Tuesday! Back to the grind, hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. I enjoyed mine with family. I promise I will be better, I want to be writing, the day just magically disappears. So here are 10 things I am loving this week!

1. Forage Bow Ties

2. Half Marathon in March at the San Diego Zoo!
It will help me meet my goal of running another half marathon.

3. Every new subway station in Munich is to be decorated by an artist and Moosach is the newest opening. Awesome!

4. This pillow. My goal is to make it over break!

5. I know I have shown this picture before, but it is perfection.

"Brief is life, but love is long."

6. This cute little wall.
"Enjoy life, everyday."

7. This precious little room.

8. The most perfect workstation in the whole wide world. Can I have it now please? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

9. This print. Look at all the little characters, dream!

10. This table setting, at my wedding? Yes please!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Forever in Our Thoughts...

"Celebrate the chance to be alive and breathing."
Robbie you will forever be in our hearts, your smile forever in our thoughts. I know you are watching and have seen all the love that has been shared because of you. Watch over us Robbie, rest peacefully and we will see you up there.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tis the Season!

Goodness gracious! Where did November go? Where is December going?! Slow down please, I'm not ready for Christmas, too much to do! I need to finish decorating our little house, the front door still needs a wreath, christmas cookies need to be baked, presents need to be bought/made, sing-a-longs need to be had, eeek! Good news, school is done as of today, so I have made a winter break goal list:

1. Sew as much as possible.
- Start/finish Christmas presents
- Fun crafts
- Baybeestep shoes (Baybeesteps has been taking very small baby steps lately, no time!)

2. Read lots and lots.
- Want to read the newspaper everyday.
- Read at least 3 books (I just got Keith Richards new book Life, I can't wait to read it!)
- Take a whole day just to read.

3. Take a day trip, any ideas?

4. Go to a show.

5. Smile... I know this will happen, but I like having something on my list I know I will accomplish, heck let's add laugh :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm Sorry...

Happy Monday! Life is a little crazed at the moment and I hope to be back soon, I promise!
What are your plans for the wonderful day of Thanksgiving? Yummmy I am excited!
Posts I hope to have this week:
-Holiday DIY
-Baking, apple crisp
-Baybeesteps Update
-Walk adventure
-and more, I hope I hope!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Things I love...

It's coming! It's coming! The holiday season is here here are all the things I am loving, happy Monday!

Starbucks Holiday Cups

You know the holidays are coming when the Starbucks holiday 
cups are out.

Holiday Decorations
From none other than the wonderful world of Anthropologie.

Holiday Wrapping
Also from Anthropologie, my favorite is simple wrapping paper with fun ribbons.

Look at these tags, they are chalkboards.

Holiday Dresses
Sparkle, sparkle, holiday dresses are all about sparkle! 
Thank you 
Free People and Anthropologie geniuses. 

Fun Little Gifts
I am making alot of my gifts this year, but I am looking for 
little extras to add to make them even more fun. 

Bath aromas that look like tea.

Coal gum (hehe how cute!)

This calendar from Paper Source, all of the patterns are super cute, and when the month is done there are templates on the back to make them into folders or postcards or boxes!
I am waiting for these goodies to go on sale.

This Week
I promise a BaybeeSteps update is coming I promise promise promise!
My favorite DIYs from other bloggers.
A walk through my workspace.
Perhaps pictures of my new fabrics from FabricWorm.

Happy Monday!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Things To Do This Weekend...

There isn't a whole lot of events this weekend, 
good thing there is always a Farmer's Market to go to!
1. KT Tunstall
Friday November 12th
House of Blues San Diego 

2. The Soft Pack
Saturday November 13th
The Casbah
San Diego natives return to the Casbah for a homecoming of sorts. 

3. Art Mart
Saturday November 13th and Sunday November 14th (Every 2nd and 4th Saturday and Sunday of the month)
See works by some San Diego's local artists on the Federal Building lawn. Art Mart is sponsored by the Balboa Park Guild and the City of the San Diego Park and Recreation Department. 

4. Day of the Dead Altar
Now thru November 28th

5. Oceanside Sunset Market
Thursday November 11th from 5pm to 9pm
Downtown Oceanside

6. Del Mar Farmers Market
Saturday November 12th

7. Photo Expo West
Friday November 13th and Saturday November 14th
Del Mar Fairgrounds
Sixth annual photography expo, the largest of its kind on the West Coast, featuring professional photographers from across the world. Two day event at the Del Mar Fairgrounds features seminars from leading experts, live interactive photography demos and sales. 

Happy Veteran's Day!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Take Me Away...

I was fixed on this balloon shot I found on one of my favorite blogs SfGirlByBay, and it inspired me to find more fun shots of balloons. They are always colorful, and fun it is hard to resist them. They have a take me away to another place, escape feel to them.

These two are just for fun, the first one is from another favorite blog, because I do not understand how she is so perfect, A Beautiful Mess. She is my encouragement everyday that it is possible to be successful with your own store, it just takes a lot of hard work, but I am ready! It was in her new store opening of RedVelvet, (which is also perfect), it is a dollhouse with so many fun, colorful balloons, inspired by the movie Up.

This picture is just too funny for words. Are you kidding me! It is called light breakfast, all the food are shaped balloons on a gigantic plate. How fun!

Happy Day, new posts for Baybeesteps later this week!