Friday, March 18, 2011

January 6th...oh so long ago!

I am sincerely sorry I just read that I have not posted since January 6th! Goodness gracious where have I been? I have too many goodies saved and piled into my 'post on blog' folder that this is just ridiculous! I hope everyone is enjoying spring so far, I sure am enjoying the extra long means summer is a brewing! About 60 days until summer is upon us (well me that is when I get out of school :) ). I saw this cake on aestheticoutburst I just had to share.

Are you kidding? This is so precious! There are lots of goodies to come this month, I have a backlog of around 50 pictures and links to share and projects galore! I will be taking the 31 day better blog challenge that I will be sharing, and Baybeesteps will be kicking off to end its 4-5 month hiatus. Lots of good stuff, good to be back! 

Happy Friday!

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