Tuesday, December 28, 2010

10 things I love...

Happy Tuesday! Back to the grind, hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. I enjoyed mine with family. I promise I will be better, I want to be writing, the day just magically disappears. So here are 10 things I am loving this week!

1. Forage Bow Ties

2. Half Marathon in March at the San Diego Zoo!
It will help me meet my goal of running another half marathon.

3. Every new subway station in Munich is to be decorated by an artist and Moosach is the newest opening. Awesome!

4. This pillow. My goal is to make it over break!

5. I know I have shown this picture before, but it is perfection.

"Brief is life, but love is long."

6. This cute little wall.
"Enjoy life, everyday."

7. This precious little room.

8. The most perfect workstation in the whole wide world. Can I have it now please? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

9. This print. Look at all the little characters, dream!

10. This table setting, at my wedding? Yes please!

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