Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tis the Season!

Goodness gracious! Where did November go? Where is December going?! Slow down please, I'm not ready for Christmas, too much to do! I need to finish decorating our little house, the front door still needs a wreath, christmas cookies need to be baked, presents need to be bought/made, sing-a-longs need to be had, eeek! Good news, school is done as of today, so I have made a winter break goal list:

1. Sew as much as possible.
- Start/finish Christmas presents
- Fun crafts
- Baybeestep shoes (Baybeesteps has been taking very small baby steps lately, no time!)

2. Read lots and lots.
- Want to read the newspaper everyday.
- Read at least 3 books (I just got Keith Richards new book Life, I can't wait to read it!)
- Take a whole day just to read.

3. Take a day trip, any ideas?

4. Go to a show.

5. Smile... I know this will happen, but I like having something on my list I know I will accomplish, heck let's add laugh :)

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