Thursday, December 30, 2010

Finally My Holiday Projects

So I have some projects I have yet to share with you and I am so excited!

First, the wreath I made for our front door, I made one for fall and now our door looks empty without one, what will we hang there now?
I didn't have enough green fabric so I did ivory and red with ivory lace. This could be super cute for Valentines Day, just add a little pink and you would be all set!

I used this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess.

My second little project, I made reusable coffee sleeves for the girls at work. Used a Starbucks coffee sleeve to trace, some cute fabric, fusible felt (for insulation) and hemming tape. 

Cut out all your pieces two pieces of cute fabric (front and back), and one piece of fusible felt (doesn't have to be fusible, can be just regular felt). Pin all your pieces together and pin hemming tape to cover the raw edges. Repeat for top and bottom. Sew it together so it is a circle (I'm sorry I don't know how to describe that part). And then you are done!

And then wrap in pretty wrapping! Perfect little thank you or 
thinking of you gift.

And finally, I made a succulent wreath for my mom using the tutorial on Prudent Baby.

This is hers. I just love it!

This is the one I made, I gave my mom a candle also just in case she didn't like it. 

Hopefully all the little pieces will grow in and blossom!

Hope you are having a wonderful Thursday, what are your plans for New Years Eve?
Happy New Year!


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