Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Monday!

Things that make me smile like this :)

1. Would live in this, so awesome, in love with this picture and the camper, please take me camping soon. From the Urban Blog.

2. From Sew Homegrown for a birthday party, bags of jelly beans with clothes pins to make butterflies!

Collection of eclectic interiors from around the world. This workstation is my favorite, there is so many fun colors, I could stand to work in this little space everyday. 

4. Heart rings from the Urban Blog. 

5. This day bed is so wonderful, just fill me up a glass of lemonade, a good book and I will be outside all day if anyone needs me.

6. This canvas, this room, I could/would/want to live in here. Perfect, perfect, perfect! Also from the the Urban Blog.

7. I'll be in the tree house! How rad would it be to say that!

This list caught my eye and now I absolutely love her entire blog.


Check out her super cute chalkboards, she has a bunch of different ones, and she will paint them in pretty much any color.

10. This DIY Anthropologie scarf on Sew Homegrown
My goal is to make all of my Christmas gifts, this will be one of them, but for who? It seems pretty simple, I am excited to start it.

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