Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Take Me Away...

I was fixed on this balloon shot I found on one of my favorite blogs SfGirlByBay, and it inspired me to find more fun shots of balloons. They are always colorful, and fun it is hard to resist them. They have a take me away to another place, escape feel to them.

These two are just for fun, the first one is from another favorite blog, because I do not understand how she is so perfect, A Beautiful Mess. She is my encouragement everyday that it is possible to be successful with your own store, it just takes a lot of hard work, but I am ready! It was in her new store opening of RedVelvet, (which is also perfect), it is a dollhouse with so many fun, colorful balloons, inspired by the movie Up.

This picture is just too funny for words. Are you kidding me! It is called light breakfast, all the food are shaped balloons on a gigantic plate. How fun!

Happy Day, new posts for Baybeesteps later this week!

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