Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Monday!

8 things I love on Monday to make your Monday a little brighter!
Today is cold and misty out, I love this weather it makes me want to snuggle next to a good fire with a good book :)

1. The Smothers Brothers
Watched a documentary on them in my cultures class, and I now love them, classic, good humor, first people to challenge T.V. censorship.

Smothers Brothers

2. Vampire Weekend
I have loved them for a while, but after seeing them live last Tuesday I love them even more!
The base player and I are getting married, we don't know the date yet, he also doesn't know yet, so I will let you know the details later :)

3. Sunflowers, they make it feel like summer all year round.

4. Volume Twenty Five on Etsy, her prints are just the cutest, and she is having a buy two get one free sale! Check her out!

5. Books
I love books that open your eyes to ideas you would have never thought about, my most recent two are: The Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead (please do not think I am white supremacist, I am in no way shape or form). It is a memoir about personal redemption, extremely straightforward, raw and graphic, but I promise it is worth it.

And on a happier note, Full Frontal Feminism, is an awesome book by author Jessica Valenti. She destroys the stereotype of being a Feminist, explains that it simply means fighting for equal rights for women. Boys and girls everywhere, please read!

6. Modern Family

7. Why is Free People so perfect always? Pair this tunic with tights and boots...awww perfection!
8. Just because...
From one of my most favorite blogs sfgirlbybay

Hope you enjoy the rest of your Monday!

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