Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Monday!

It's here again! Funny how it does that, yes, Monday is upon us again, another exciting week ahead of us, hope something here brightens your Monday cause it's sunny here :)

1. Pandora

Makes the best playlists, I did a station based on Mumford and Sons from last week and it came up with:
David Gray: Kathleen
Timmy Curran: Blue Eyes
Regina Spektor: Us
Jack Johnson: Cupid

Some oldies and some newbies but all goodies!

2. It's Lobster Season!
Get fishing! Grill up with butter and garlic, yummy!

3. Yellow Feather Costume
From DIP Designs on Etsy
Your child will most likely want absolutely nothing to do with you for the day but how cute is this! Halloween is almost here, what are you going to be?!

4. Chalkboard Wall Decal
From UrbanOutfitters
Yes please! I would like to purchase this now please and thank you! But where to put it? I can think of too many places!

Or check out this one on Amazon, how cute!

5. Green Flash Art Gallery
Rad Art Gallery in Cardiff, features local artists, have an art show this Saturday October 16th @6pm. I hope to be able to somehow get Baybeesteps in there one day :)

6. More Mustaches!
By Maro Designs on Etsy
As if I needed a reason to love them more. Look at how many they have!

7. Sun Wall
From Prudentbaby
This is happening somewhere in my life, someday.

8. The Chargers
After a very, very, very disappointing loss, they are STILL our home team. If they could please make some changes here fast, otherwise my Halloween costume just won't have the same effect.

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  1. :) I like the staches. And the nice sunny room. And the little chicken..... :)